Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unfortunate Events, Excitment on the Horizon

Some events beyond my control have caused UM-St. Louis to pull me from my placement at Washington Elementary. This is an unfortunate and highly rare occurrence, but it is best for both parties, we feel.

If you would like to donate still, I will have a classroom someday and I will need many things to get me started. I would be happy to accept your donations. If you change your mind, I understand this too. I am sure if you call the Normandy School District directly they would be still willing to accept donations.

Thank you for your understanding and continual support. You all have the biggest hearts and I had no idea how many of you cared for me and for my belief that art education is vital for the success for children's future. It really makes me feel so good, so thanks!

On a lighter note, hopefully I will be starting my St. Charles High School placement sooner. We are waiting to hear back now.

Sincerest Regard,

Megan Steinlage

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