Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back from Vacation. Interview with Laumeier tomorrow!

I am back from the Bahamas! It was a great break, but I would have liked to have had a little more opportunity to paint on the beach. It was just a little too chilly and very windy, which made it hard to get everything out to paint. I did do some oil pastel drawings, though.

Tomorrow I have an interview with Laumeier Sculpture Park. (http://www.laumeier.com/) I am really looking forward to this position. It looks like it would be a great opportunity to stretch my skills as an art educator. What better kind of job could there be? I'll get to hike around their beautiful natural park and explore art ideas with youngsters. It will be awesome! It would be a great position to come back to every summer once I get a permanent art teaching job, too.

So, I have prepared a CD with a few lessons I have written and have gone through some potential interview questions hoping that I won't get too nervous during the interview. Why do I get nervous? I guess I just want everyone to like me. Especially someone interested in giving me a job. I need to just chill out and know that whatever is supposed to happen on this life journey will happen.

Wish me luck!

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