Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Adventure: A Children's Book!

I had a dream a few nights ago. I didn't remember it until last night when I was laying awake at 2 in the morning (I have bad insomnia; something I inherited from my father).

In the dream, my old boss's boss came over to show me her book. It was a beautiful piece of artwork. Each page was a beautiful work of art. Beaded pages and rich colors and textures. She explained that she commissioned a person who worked at her catalog to do the artwork, but the book pieces were all her ideas and direction. She was wanting to write a children's book. She was looking for someone to illustrated her latest idea. In the dream, I got very excited and ran to my back bedroom to pull some children's books from my library, including one I did when I was in elementary school. As I was running back to show her, I woke up. I must have just turned over and gone back to sleep.

Last night as I forced myself to clear my mind so I could finally fall asleep, the dream popped back into my head. What if I did my own children's book? I can do it! I have tons of ideas. And there it started!! I immediately got up and opened my sketchbook and started jotting down ideas and a storyline, which has an art theme, of course!

This morning I woke up and immediately told my husband. He was really excited about the idea after I told him my storyline and has agreed to help me. I am hiring him for the fabulous salary of hugs and kisses to be my manager. I hope he accepts the job. Ha!

Wish me luck! Hopefully soon you will be calling me Megan Steinlage, children's book author.

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  1. I know you can do it, Megan! You are an amazing and talented woman and I'm so glad you're my niece!

    Auntie Pen Pen