Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Intro to Design Students Alter Books

As a summative assessment for my Intro to Visual Design students, I allowed them to do an altered book. My librarian was pruning away books that were just going into a dumpster or into teachers' private collections. Rather than throw them away, I thought it would be a great lesson on recycling, re purposing, and creating assemblage multi-media type work. It was cathartic for some students who chose subject matter that they hated so they could symbolically cover the pages with things they liked better. Other students chose subjects they enjoyed so they could incorporate the subject and writings in the books into the compositions. Students were challenged with creating 8 spreads (two open pages). They did not have to do anything to the outside, but if they did, they were awarded extra credit, and almost all the students did. While we worked I allowed the following you tube playlist to loop on the projector. Students who were stumped and not sure how to continue, could check out a video for ideas.

I also have a few books that I shared with them (I'll post the names later as they are in my classroom and I am at home).
Here are their creations:

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