Monday, July 11, 2011

Totally Jealous of this classroom!

One of the schools I will be teaching at, I do not have a classroom. So, I will be teaching in the cafeteria. Bummer! So, this made me very jealous. I will continue to look for blog entries from teachers who do art on a cart for organizational tips. Wish me luck!

From Art is Messy Blog:
I like to give my kids access to most of my art materials. In order to do this, I organize the supplies into three cubby areas: collage and sculpture, drawing and paper and finally printmaking and paint. I find that it helps to organize the room this way because always know where to look for the materials that they need.
In addition to the different material sections, I keep other supplies like pencils, sharpies, erasers, crayons, markers and colored pencils in different areas throughout my room. I like to have my materials in different areas because I feel it helps those kids who have difficulty sitting still. It gives their movement justification.
I also create bulletin boards for each grade level I teach. I put examples of the artwork that we have studied so the kids can look at it during different points of the project. I also try to include art vocabulary on these boards as well.

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