Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to Ms. Meggles Art Room!

I visited my classroom for the first time since my interview today. I have some challenges with the set up, but I am addressing those with stride. At least I have tables and chairs! I heard from a former classmate who works in an urban district and she wasn't sure if she would have tables or chairs for her students on the first day of class. On a lighter note, I have TONS of storage. I have shelving shelving SHELVING! and beautiful large cabinets. I am sure this room will fit me and my students just fine!

Tomorrow is orientation. I look forward to this year. The nerves are fading a bit and I am starting to just be excited!

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  1. Megan! You are going to be such an awesome teacher! I cant wait to hear all about your first day over a cuppa! - Steph!